Expressiveness and dynamism juxtaposed with micropolyphonic oscillating textures, passion for discovering new combinations of timbres, the need to find kind of contemporary meaning of beauty are the current compositional interests of Nikolet Burzyńska whose music is described as full of energy and fire and who has been appreciated by famous violinist Hilary Hann in her call for scores.

She was born at 29th July of 1989 in Katowice in Poland. Despite young age, she wrote over 40 pieces of contemporary music and is a member of board in the Polish Composers Society for Young Composers and member of international collective of composers “L'état Latent” based in France.

During her studies in The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Strasbourg Conservatory and additional courses she studied composition with such composers as: Louis Andriessen, Mark André, Martijn Padding, Richard Ayres, Tadeusz Wielecki, Jung Hee Choi, Marcin Błażewicz and Stanisław Moryto.

Her music was performed by Orkest de ereprijs and Rob Vermeulen, Voix de Strass and Catherine Bolzinger, Choir and Orchestra of the Silesian Philharmonic and Massimiliano Caldi, New Music Orchestra and Krzysztof and Aleksander Lasoń, to name a few. She took part in music festivals such as “Young composers meeting” in Holland, “La semaine du son” in France, “Druskomanija” in Lithuania, “Biennale of art for children” in Poland. She got into final round of call for scores of MATA 2013 in New York.

She received such prizes as: Honorable mention in “In 27 pieces : the Hilary Hahn Encores” online contest in 2012, the 3rd prize in the National Composition Competition for the 90th anniversary of the III Silesian Revolt for the piece „Silesian Pyromagma” for choir and orchestra, 2nd prize in the 2015 Sorodha Composition Competition for the piece “après l'aube” for violin solo, the 1st prize in 1st International Composition Competition “Patri Patriae” in 2009 in Katowice for the piece “Flamma” for choir and orchestra. the finalist title in the 51st Competition for Composers of Tadeusz Baird in 2009, Distinction in "Creative Valley – what young art is looking for" on TVP2 in 2008.

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