notes de voyage cd"La feminite" for 4 voices on cd of Voix de Strass. Music on cd album very diverse, from Brahms, Bartok to Aperghis and Cage. Link to cd information and ensemble website, where you can buy an album. Review of cd in ENA hors les murs.

ar 00013 Electronic Vol2 Cover 2400A recording of Burzyńska's "Flectro" for flute and live electronics, features Magda Łapińska as soloist, Nikolet Burzyńska - electronics. Available on and iTunes. More informations:

ABLAZE Records: B00E3U15KW

parma"Kango" for violin solo is published by PARMA Recordings . Check 2013 PARMA Recordings Anthology of Music. The piece was premiered by Katarzyna Pielech.

la croix An article in "La Croix" about concert tour of Voix de Strass and "La Feminite"

zwierciadloAn Article in Zwierciadło about  arrangments of Nikolet Burzyńska and Paweł Przezwański for summer tour of Young Polish Philharmonic.